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Terms of service

The use of this website is "AS-IS".

Although we spot-check random data every week and do our best to keep prices up to date, we cannot guarantee that the phone prices displayed on this site are 100% accurate. is not responsible for the behaviour or service of 3rd party mobile phone buyers. This site is provided as a comparison site only and gives details of mobile buyer's prices for particular phones/models. If a company appears at the top of the list for a particular make/model of phone, this does not constitute a "recommendation" from us. It merely indicates that for that particular make/model, they are currently offering the best price.

If you decide to sell a phone with one of the phone recyclers on this website, then your business is with them, not us. We cannot accept any liability for any problems you encounter with a particular phone buyer company.

Such problems include, but are not restricted to .. lost phones, non-payments, communication problems or other problems.

The prices that are given on this website are for working phones only. Please see the individual mobile phone buyer's websites for definitions of a working phone. Many phone buyers will also pay money for broken/non-working phones, but the value offered is considerably less and also varies substantially.

In addition, phone buyer websites may provide vouchers (most notably Argos and M&S;) for a slightly higher price than those of the straight cash value. Again, please check the individual company's website for more details.
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