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Why should I recycle my mobile phone?

Asides from the obvious financial rewards, like other forms of recycling, recycling your mobile phone is good for the environment. There are many dangerous, toxic chemicals in your mobile phone such as arsenic, mercury and cadmium (has strong carcinogenic properties). Whilst fine in the normal life of your mobile phone, once these phones are discarded, in particular in the quantities that are currently being binned, these dangerous chemicals may leak into the surrounding soil and cause long-term contamination. These chemicals may also find their way into natural watercourses.

Currently, only 10% of mobile phones are being recycled so the problem is sure to get worse.

Remember, it is important to recycle other electronic devices such as speakers, old routers, computers etc. as these too may contain dangerous chemicals and also have many materials in them that could be recycled too.

Can I sell a non-working mobile phone?

Yes. However, you'll get a vastly reduced price for it. Each phone recycler has different stipulations on what is a "working phone", but these guidelines below (and yes, they are only guidelines) should give you a better idea as to what phone recycles class a "working phone" and a non-working phone:

  • The phone must switch on and off
  • The phone must be complete with all battery covers and bodywork
  • The phone should be in reasonable condition (scratches, blemishes are quiet often acceptable)
  • The LCD must be working and power up correctly and fully beyond the network ‘Welcome Note’, the screen intact with no cracks.
  • If the phone has a touch screen the touch screen must be fully functional.

If your phone has a working battery, send that already installed in the phone (best to charge it up too, as batteries on the verge of running out of power may discharge themselves totally during the posting process). Oh, and make sure you are the registered owner of the phone; most recyclers will check on the website to ensure it hasn't been stolen or barred.

How much money can I get for my old mobile?

Obviously, this is such a wide ranging question. Prices range from nothing to around £300. Please remember though, even if your phone has no monetary value, you can still recycle it for free (most phone recyclers have a freepost address). This is still far more preferable than throwing it in the bin. To find out how much your phone is worth, compare phone recyclers here

How do I get paid?

Again, this is another question that depends on the company you decide to recycle your phone with. Payment is normally via the usual channels - bank payment or cheque.

How can I boost mobile signal?

You can use mobile signal booster, see top phone booster for UK.

How long does it take to get paid?

Depending on the company, the process normally takes from 1-2 weeks. Please consult the respective companys' websites for more details. The list of companies we compare, with links to their websites can be found on our recyclers page.

What happens to the old mobile phones?

It depends on the state and demand of the phone. If the phone is completely broken, with no chance of salvaging it for normal every day use, it is sent to a specialist recycling company who will reclaim whatever chemicals and materials they can from the phone. This will then be reused in other products.

If the mobile phone is of usable quality, the phones are spruced up as best as possible and shipped off to developing countries for re-use.

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